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This Privacy Statement was last updated on November 12 2021.


When you use this website (hereinafter may be referred to as "website”, "Adua’s page" or "we/us/our"), you can entrust your personal data. As a legally and socially responsible professional, we are committed to maintaining that trust placed in us as a service provider. That starts with helping you understand our privacy practices.

This policy is intended to describe the usefulness of the personal data we collect, how it is used and shared, and your choices regarding this data. We recommend that you read this in conjunction with the other policies associated with the service.

Effective Date: November 12 2021.


This policy applies equally to any user of this website services anywhere, including users of applications, features or other services derived from the US.

It is described here how this website and any future affiliates of us collect and use personal data. This notice is intended for all users of our applications, websites, features, or other services anywhere in the world, unless covered by a separate privacy notice. This notice applies specifically to:

Client: Recipients of the service. They are those people who request and / or receive the service and products, who have duly registered on our Platform.

Adua: Illustrator, owner of this website, responsible for providing the services described on the web, and sells the products described there as well, given the case.

Our company's data practices are subject to applicable laws in the places where we operate. This means that we engage in the practices described in this notice in a particular country or region only as permitted by the laws of those locations. Contact us at the information below with any questions about our practices in a particular country or region.



- Data provided by users to Adua’s page, during account creation.

- Data created during the use of our services, such as location, use of applications and device data. 

- Data from other sources, such as this website partners.

The following data is collected by or on behalf of us:

1. Data provided by users. This includes:

Customer Profile: We collect data when customers create or update their accounts. This may include your name, email, phone number, username and password, address, profile picture, payment or banking information (including related payment verification information).

Demographic Data: We may collect demographic data about customers, including through customer or prospect customer surveys. The company may, with the proper approvals in accordance with current legal regulations, receive demographic data on third-party users.

Content of the customer: We collect information that users send when they contact the customer service or provide calcifications. This may include comments, photos, and other recordings collected by users.

2. Data created during the use of our services. This includes:

Location Data: We collect accurate or approximate location data from a customer's mobile device if the customer expressly allows it. Adua’s webpage collects this data when our application is running in the foreground (application open and on screen) or in the background (application open but not on screen) of your mobile device. 

Transaction Information: We collect transaction information related to the use of our services, including the type of services requested or provided, order details, delivery information, date and time the service was provided, the amount charged, and method of payment. Also, if someone uses your promo code, we can associate their name with that person.

Usage data: We collect data about how users interact with our services. This includes data such as dates and times of access, application features or page views, application locks and other system activity, browser type, and third-party sites or services used before interacting with our services. In some cases, we collect this data through cookies, pixels, tags, and similar tracking technologies that create and maintain unique identifiers. 

Device data: We may collect data about the devices used to access our services, including hardware models, device IP address, operating systems and versions, software, preferred languages, unique device identifiers, advertising identifiers, serial numbers, device movement data and mobile network data.

3. Data from other sources. This includes:

- Customer feedback, such as ratings, comments, or compliments. 

- Clients who participate in our referral programs (not yet established, but in development). For example, when a user refers another person, we receive the personal data of the referred person from that user. 

- Account owners who request services for or on behalf of other users, or who allow such users to request or receive services through their accounts.

- Providers who help us verify client identity, background information, and eligibility to work, for safety and regulatory purposes. 

- Marketing service providers.

Adua’s page may combine the data collected from these sources with other data in its possession.


We may use customer data for the following purposes:


We may use customer information to contact them; For these purposes, said contact may be made through different channels, such as: phone calls, text messages, applications and social networks linked to the cell phone number and / or any other delivered, email, social networks.


Adua’s page uses the information we collect (including customer service call recordings with notification and user consent) to: improve the quality of questions asked to the customer at the time of contact to minimize call time; investigate and address user concerns in a preventive and corrective manner; and better monitoring to the answers and service processes to the customer.


We may use the data we collect for testing, research, analysis, product development, and machine learning to improve the user experience. This helps us to optimize both the security of our services, as well as our ability to avoid the illegal or improper use of them and, additionally, to develop new functions and products that allow us to provide optimal solutions in relation to our services.


Only in cases of extreme necessity, and dully approvals, a customer can send a message or call a representative of the company to confirm information service, claim some lost item or classified as situations of extreme urgency.


Adua’s page may use the data we collect to market our services to our clients. This includes sending communications to users about the services, features, promotions, sweepstakes, studies, surveys, news, updates and own events.

We can also send communications to our users about products and services offered both by us and by our business partners. Although we may send communications to users about products and services, we do not sell users' personal data or share it with such partners or others for their own direct marketing or advertising purposes, except with the consent of users.


Adua’s page may use the data we collect to generate and provide receipts to users; inform them of changes to our terms, services or policies; or send other communications that are not intended to market the services or products of the company and its affiliates.


We may use the personal data that we collect to investigate or address claims, demands or disputes related to the use of our services, in accordance with the provisions of current law and following the parameters established by regulatory entities and other public entities in the communications or trades sent to us for this purpose.


We use personal data to make automated decisions regarding the use of our services. This includes:

Enabling dynamic pricing, in which the price of a service, or the rate of services, is determined based on constantly variable factors, such as estimated time and distance, estimated traffic, and estimated waiting time for the service and the service.

Adua’s page may carry out the processing of personal data on its own servers or on those provided by a third party specialized in the matter based on the contracts signed between both companies for that purpose and scope. 

In the event that the information is shared with third parties for the fulfillment of the purposes established herein, such as call and contact centers and companies dedicated to conducting market studies, statistics or surveys, these third parties will also be subject to the same obligations. of confidentiality in the handling of information.


Adua’s page and its affiliates use cookies and other identification technologies in our applications, websites, emails, and online advertisements for the purposes described in this notice.

Cookies are small text files that are stored in browsers or devices by websites, applications, online media, and advertisements. Adua’s page uses cookies and similar technologies for purposes such as:

- Authenticating users.

- Remembering the preferences and settings of the user.

- Determine the popularity of the content.

- Delivery and measurement of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

- Analyze traffic and trends on the site and, in general, understand the online behaviors and interests of the people who interact with our services.

- We may also allow others to provide audience measurement and analytics services for us, to serve ads on our behalf across the Internet, and to track and report on the performance of those ads. The client accepts that these third parties use cookies and other technologies to identify the devices used by them when they access our website and other applications.


Adua’s page retains the user profile, transactions and other personal data for as long as the user maintains their account. The company may retain certain user data after receiving an account deletion request if necessary, such as to comply with legal requirements.

Adua’s page retains the user's profile, transactions, and other information for as long as the user maintains their account. Customers can request the deletion of their account at any time through the menus provided for this purpose, or through direct contact with the company. Following such requests, Adua’s page deletes data that it is not required to retain for regulatory, tax, insurance, litigation or other legal requirements. We retain the location, device and data of use for these purposes for a minimum of five (05) years for security, prevention and detection of fraud and research and development. In certain circumstances, we may not be able to delete a user's account, such as if there are unpaid amounts on the account or an unresolved complaint. After the deletion problem is resolved, we will delete the account.

We may also retain certain information if necessary, for security and fraud prevention purposes. If the company deactivates a user's account due to insecure behavior or security incidents, Adua’s page may retain certain information about that account to prevent that user from opening a new account in the future.



Adua’s page only collects and uses personal data when we have legal reasons to do so. These include the processing of the user's personal data to provide the requested services and features, for the purposes of the legitimate interests of Adua’s page or those of other parties, to comply with our legal obligations or on the basis of consent.

A user who has given their consent to the collection or use of their personal data can revoke it at any time. However, the user will not be able to use any service or function that requires the collection or use of such personal data.


The delivery, transfer, disclosure or use of personal information of third parties requires authorization by the owner of the data. In case of delivering the information of a third party to us through any means, whoever shares the data declares to have all the authorizations from the owner of this, including the purposes for which it is shared, in particular making future contact by us and in that sense, we will not assume any type of responsibility for the use that it gives to the data in accordance with the purposes indicated in this policy. 

The client agrees to be selected by us to participate in brand activation campaigns, market research exercises, and/or attendance at events for brands that are interested in collaborating with Adua’s page user community. Depending on the specific campaign, the user may receive benefits offered by the brands that collaborate with us. 

Third parties may observe that our customers can share comments, articles, blogs and other data through different means. The delivery of information in any of the aforementioned ways or others, such as attending events, is the sole responsibility of the person who shares it and, in that sense, if it includes any type of information corresponding to third parties, you will have to make sure you have all authorizations by their holders, in such a way that Adua’s page will not be responsible for any of the content received, although it does reserve the rights to publish or eliminate them. 

By uploading content corresponding to own or third-party images, comments, photographs, videos and others to the Internet page or deliver it by other means to the entity, we are authorized to present it on its Internet page, Facebook, Twitter and other media and use it as part of your commercial or marketing campaigns aimed at the general public through different media.


In compliance with the provisions established in the United States legal system, with special emphasis on Teas State, any natural person acting in such a condition, by their own means or through a proxy/agent in such condition, and not as a representative of a legal person or asserting its status as a merchant, in relation to the acts of its daily work, has the right to verify at least once a month, correct, update or request the elimination of any personal information requested and provided to us . 

The customer accepts and acknowledges that in cases where the information is processed by Adua’s page  due to that exist and a list of legal, or contractual, or has been provided to institutions of the government (after verification of legality for that purpose) the right to request the deletion will be limited until the end of the relations that are maintained or until the contrary is dictated in a definitively final administrative act. 

For the exercise of the rights established in this section, the owners of the information as natural persons may contact Adua’s page through the customer service area provided in all the service areas duly identified by us. 


Adua’s page, due to the service it provides to its users, may process the data of minors in the course of its activities. Adua’s page, given the impossibility of carrying out the pertinent verifications, understands that each time a minor register as a user of the entity's services and provides their personal information, updates or modifies it, they are accompanied by a responsible adult who approves their action, as well as at the time of making any payment, so the use of payment methods by minors for the return of the money given as consideration for the services will not be understood as a valid argument.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we make it clear that the handling of data of minors will always be done for their benefit and in any case with respect for the best interests of children and adolescents and their fundamental rights in accordance with local legislation in force that applies for each specific case. 


Adua’s page makes its best technical and professional effort to guarantee the physical and telematic security of its clients, as we recognize the value and importance of information. To this end, the company has technology designed to prevent information leakage, background checks and payment verification. The information of clients, visitors, interested third parties, suppliers, professionals and others, is stored and secured in protected databases and unauthorized access. 

Adua’s page assumes that the information you provide is reliable, trustworthy and real, so at this website we try to protect your personal information by all possible means to our knowledge, but we cannot fully guarantee the veracity of the information you send. As soon as we receive your information, keeping your account name, password, and any other account information secret is your responsibility. 

In accepting these Terms and the use application or service, the agreed user who will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Adua’s page, affiliates, licensee, officers, directors, other users, workers, lawyers and agents against any claims, costs, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses (including attorney's fees and expenses) arising from or in connection with: Your violation or breach of any condition or any applicable law or regulation, whether or not reference is made to it herein. 

The information, recommendations or other services provided on or through the Website, the Service and the Application are only general information and do not constitute a notice. Adua’s page will take care of keeping the website and the mobile application and its contents reasonably correct and up-to-date.  

Adua’s page shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use or inability to use the Website or the Application, including damages caused by malware, viruses or any incorrect or incomplete Information of the Information or the Website or Application, when applicable. caused by a third party not involved with Adua’s page, or by improper or illegal use by clients.

Adua’s page is not responsible for false information provided by any natural person who has entered the website and the mobile application, as well as for any physical or telematic altercation that arises between clients, since the company only acts as a bridge between the service provider and who requires it. In case of any suspicion that a crime has been committed, the client must channel it through the entities arranged for this purpose in accordance with the provisions of the Venezuelan legal system, releasing us, its affiliates, directors, Shareholders, workers, from liability. 


In the event that a delay or failure of a party to comply with any obligation derived from these policies is caused by a condition of force majeure, said obligation will be suspended while the condition of force majeure persists. For the purposes of this policy, the term force majeure; will mean any event that exceeds the control of the parties, including, without limitation, internet failure caused by the responsibility of the internet service provider, fires, floods, riots, strikes, epidemics, wars (declared or not and that include the continuity, expansion or new outbreak of any war or conflict that currently exists), embargoes, interventions and / or occupations of the company by workers and / or authorities, and government actions or decrees. In the event that the affected party fails to comply with its obligations due to a case of Force Majeure for a period of five (5) days or more, either party shall have the right to terminate this Contract by delivering to the other party a written notice at least five (5) days in advance, unless full compliance is resumed before the expiration of said notice period.


Adua’s page reserves the right to modify the information privacy policy at any time without the need for judicial approval. For this purpose, it will publish a notice on the website ten (10) business days prior to its entry into force. Clients reserve the right to cease the use of the platform in all its modalities without this giving rise to any claim for compensation, except those derived from services or pending payments when they do not agree with said modifications of the policies.


Any interpretation, judicial or administrative action derived from the processing of personal data will be subject to the personal protection rules established in Texas United States of America, and the competent administrative or jurisdictional authorities for the resolution of any judicial matter will be handled in the same jurisdiction described above.

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